100+ Inspirational Quotes For Sobriety: A Journey To Recovery

I was convinced that things weren’t ‘bad enough’ for me to have to quit completely. Through her own recovery program, she understands that although support and inspirational stories of sobriety community are essential to recovery, it’s really up to the individual to do the work. We need people to help us along the path, but we can’t be carried.

When we read books, we’re able to pull up a mental image of what’s happening. This improves cognitive functioning and makes it easier to recall information. Learn about evidence-based treatment options, and find a certified rehabilitation center today. My family from Ireland visited me in September, and I was their tour guide for the week. My extreme efforts to put on a brave face didn’t fool my youngest sister. After a vulnerable conversation, she suggested I ask my doctor about medication.

Hear inspiring stories of people overcoming their dependence on alcohol.

And the way that I experience things, the way that I cultivate my relationships with people. I get to live with both sides of me, the ugly and the good. I can maneuver things and figure out what’s a good decision for me. The gray area just kind of becomes a little less. There’s a whole world that is so celebratory and celebrates you finding your truth. It’s a thing where you’ll say, “I’m a month sober,” and people will be like, Congratulations!

Some of the stories in this series will be shorter, some will take deep dives into Black history, and others will be strongly opinionated. Some will be funny, others serious, all of them informative. It will all happen with 29 Black stories in 29 days. While researching the movie, Kubrick was shocked by how the experts’ professional pride “seemed to completely overcome any personal involvement in the possible destruction of their world”. He is not a man but an attitude, and attitudes are immortal. The most compelling candidate for a real-life Strangelove is the only one who sounded nothing like him.

‘I awoke after another blackout binge-drinking night and realized that I’d written a suicide letter’

Quiet children were seen as faulty, in need of being fixed. Over the years, being called “quiet” became the worst insult you could throw at me. When I got sober after a 10-year addiction to methamphetamine, it was overwhelming to relearn how normal people live each day. Beth Leipholtz has been sober for over six years now. She enjoys sharing stories about her recovery journey on many popular online media outlets as well as on her own blog, Life to Be Continued.

inspirational stories of sobriety

Each time I did my best to keep up, but eventually got exhausted and tapped out. In my professional life I modeled positivity, suppressing my natural cynicism for fear of being called a downer. My overworking caused me to crash and burn for weeks at a time, but I always came back for more. And despite successfully not drinking for years, the ghosts that alcohol had once fed continued to haunt me, and it started to show. Something else that has also helped me to stay sober for four years is being open and honest with the people in my life. I have always been very public and transparent about my drinking and my recovery.

Kate started drinking at 14, and it would take decades before she realized there had to be more to life.

I no longer drank much beer, as it did not provide the needed effect without voluminous consumption. Meanwhile, I met a girl from back home with whom I began a relationship during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. She was being raised in an old world male-dominated society.

inspirational stories of sobriety